Wow, it has been a while

I’m sorry.

I know, the massive amount of readers have been sitting impatiently, waiting for me to post more. Sorry.

I want to write about my recent projects. A lot has happened. In the next couple of posts I will try to clean up the mess of undocumented projects and go through them one at a time. As a teaser, here is the list:

  • CoreXY 3D-printer
  • Control of DALI-lights through a MQTT-DALI bridge (a lot of software was written)
  • A number of iterations on my mobile robot, both hard- and software
  • Some plugins written for various open-source projects
  • Building a home server, learning virtualization, networking, etc. from scratch one step at a time
  • MQTT Doorbell (yes everyone has to make one)
  • A lot of 3D prints, some functional, interested?
  • I guess personal education is a project too (which has take most of the time since last post)
  • ???


Which should I begin with? Don’t answer all at once!

(By writing this post I am not promising any time frame for the writing of the next post ™. I am not to be held liable in the event of an acute case of impatience for you, the reader. No robots were harmed in the creation of this blog. I don’t assume anyone is reading this.)

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