Audio system

Long time no see! I have been busy (surprise!).
I am thinking about what the ideal audio system is for me. I want to have music in most rooms, but I don’t have much space and my budget is tight. Good thing that is it cheaper to DIY.

I want something with the same functionality as the very popular SONOS audio system, but more customizable and of course, better sounding. The plan (which is in the works) is right now:

  • Raspberry Pi 1 or 2 B for streaming with Volumio or RuneAudio software.
  • In rooms with just this audio source: HiFiBerry Amp+ or Pi-DigiAMP+ HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) which connects to the i2s on the RPi. Direct output to speaker(s).
  • In rooms with multiple audio sources: Some sort of amplifier with multiple inputs. To connect a RPi to this I can use the HiFiBerry Digi+ HAT which has toslink s/pdif output.
  • The reasons for using these i2s boards is to get better sound quality. The built in sound output on the RPi is not very good, and many users have reported issues with USB soundcards.

I need to find suitable speakers and amplifier for living room. I would like multi-room support so I can play the same music in all rooms, but I think you can do that in Volumio.. version 2 is in development, wonder when that is out?

All input welcome

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