Prototyping: H-bridge

So as I am waiting for more parts for the rc car, I moved my focus to getting my circuits off the breadboard. So I made the H-bridge on a protoboard! Here is the result

I got the protoboards online from ‘watterrott electronics’. It is my first time doing a protoboard, so I was quite excited when I tested it when it was done, and discovered that it worked! I was expecting failure at least so it was a happy surprise. Before I started I researched a bit about how to solder the connections, but I am sure I made a aesthetical mistake anyway or something – but hey it works!

I received a LiPo battery, but forgot to order connectors, so that is the current status of my project.

Oh and wait.. I overhauled the Arduino code, so now I can control both the motors and the servo through serial connection at the same time. It takes commands like: “M, 255,S,0” for full speed straight ahead, or “M,-200,S,15” for almost full speed backwards with the front wheels turned 15 degrees clockwise. I have also been looking at “Flask” to make a homepage on my RPi that sends serial messages to the Arduino.

Feel free to ask away if something is unclear!

Curious creator

3 Responses to “Prototyping: H-bridge”

  1. Jai siger:

    The only thing I’d suggest (reddit have already mentioned flyback diodes ) would be not running the black and red wires over joints. Just in case. I like to route them so they’re well clear of any soldered joints.

    Other than that, great to see it working!

    • the curious siger:

      Alright. I also saw someone who routed the wires on the other side with the components, I guess that’s even safer.

      • Jai siger:

        Yep – depends on the layout. For this, underneath is probably easier, and just tuck them away from the joins.

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