First prototype of R/C car

So this night I worked something together for my R/C car. It is very much a prototype. I used the bottom of a lunchbox for the platform and used duct tape to attach the motors to the platform. I had some round pieces of wood laying around from when I made a DIY boomblaster and I used those as wheels. The wholes in the middle of the circular pieces of woods were too big tho, so I put some duct tape in there too, to make them smaller. Not very practical and the wheels fall of sometimes.

The steering is done with a servo with a piece of cardboard mounted on. On the piece of cardboard is glued a straw, and in that is a wood stick which can rotate freely. I then used duct tape to put wheels on the wood stick.

Of course I would like to have something in aluminium which can rotate freely. I am simply so new to R/C cars that I don’t know what the parts I need are called! I find myself using hours searching for something very simple.

I’ve found some wheels and two aluminium mounting hub that attaches to my motors so that I can attach the wheels. I still very much need a lighter and smaller battery as you can see on the pictures, but I haven’t found a suitable one yet. The motors are rated for 12 V so I don’t know how they would perform on something like 7.4 V. Feel free to comment and remember to take care. Thanks for reading!

The curious creator

4 Responses to “First prototype of R/C car”

  1. Jai siger:

    We had the conversation on reddit about 3s batteries being 11.1v, yes? I love the inventiveness – cardboard and straw is a great way to get things up and running. Feel free to email me if you have more questions about what to look for.

    Nice work.

  2. Amidou Kante siger:

    Hey you mind if i recreate your project but a little updated with a parallax sensor and a smaller battery source. I will be sure to give you credit of course.

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