aug, 2014

Where did the curious one go?

Well. He was busy!

Sometimes you just don’t have time for all your hobbies. Last week was spend on the music related part of my hobbies, as my band did an appearance at a local city anniversary celebration. Twas great fun. The next semester starts in just one week, so I am curious if I will have time for this hobby. Only time will tell.

Until next time

Prototyping: H-bridge

So as I am waiting for more parts for the rc car, I moved my focus to getting my circuits off the breadboard. So I made the H-bridge on a protoboard! Here is the result

I got the protoboards online from ‘watterrott electronics’. It is my first time doing a protoboard, so I was quite excited when I tested it when it was done, and discovered that it worked! I was expecting failure at least so it was a happy surprise. Before I started I researched a bit about how to solder the connections, but I am sure I made a aesthetical mistake anyway or something – but hey it works!

I received a LiPo battery, but forgot to order connectors, so that is the current status of my project.

Oh and wait.. I overhauled the Arduino code, so now I can control both the motors and the servo through serial connection at the same time. It takes commands like: “M, 255,S,0” for full speed straight ahead, or “M,-200,S,15” for almost full speed backwards with the front wheels turned 15 degrees clockwise. I have also been looking at “Flask” to make a homepage on my RPi that sends serial messages to the Arduino.

Feel free to ask away if something is unclear!

Curious creator